Paint Correction

Our Paint Correction Detail includes 3-5 stages of machine polishing and is designed to safely and permanently remove heavy swirl marks, light to medium scratches, and other noticeable imperfections. This detail goes above and beyond to ensure that your vehicle leaves Detail Your Eyecandy looking better than the day it left the showroom, boasting that much craved illustrious wet look finish.

The process begins with the same cleansing and decontamination procedures as with every detail that we offer. The paintwork then undergoes the paint correction process through cutting and refining. Prior to this being carried out the paintwork is thoroughly inspected using an electronic paint depth gauge to assess its condition.

The cutting stages will then commence. Here we use a coarse polishing compound combined with a slightly abrasive polishing pad to safely remove any defects. We will work on a small area of paint at a time, examining it after each polishing phase to make sure we are safely removing as many defects as possible. These stages are then followed by a secondary polishing phase known as refining. The refining stages restore and increase the gloss and the clarity of the paintwork to a level which has to be seen to be believed.

Due to the differences in paint types, condition, and size of vehicles, the rate for multi stage paint correction varies slightly, however we will consult with each vehicle owner to provide a more precise pricing structure. The paint type and condition will also dictate the level of correction, but typically this process on most vehicles will remove 90 to 99% of all paintwork defects.

The type of protection applied will be discussed with you prior to the detail, ensuring that the product selected best suits your requirements. Swissvax Shield Wax is included as standard but you may wish to upgrade to another type of protection that is more durable such as a ceramic coating. Please see list at the bottom of the page.

  • pH neutral snow foam pre-wash applied to vehicle, removing surface grime and dirt prior to wash process
  • Alloy wheels decontaminated and cleaned with pH neutral wheel cleaner and soft brushes
  • Wheel arches, all door shuts and engine bay (optional) cleaned with citrus based degreaser
  • Multi stage, 2 bucket wash using luxury pH neutral shampoo and lamb's wool wash mitts
  • Vehicle rinsed and then fully hand dried using ultra soft microfibre drying towels
  • Paintwork decontaminated using a clay bar, fully removing all embedded contaminants such as industrial fallout, brake dust and tar as well as leaving a perfectly smooth feel to the paintwork
  • Paint depth measured using electronic paint thickness gauge to ensure there is an adequate level of lacquer/paint to work with
  • 3-5 stage machine polishing process carried out, using a combination of coarse and fine finishing polishes to remove heavy swirl marks and light to medium scratches producing an oustanding level of gloss to the paintwork
  • Vehicle wiped down with ultra soft microfibre drying towels ensuring all residue is removed after the correction/refinement process
  • Paintwork cleansed with pre-wax treatment to aid bonding of wax
  • Swissvax Shield Wax applied to all painted surfaces
  • All chrome and stainless steel cleaned and polished
  • Heat resistant PTFE wax applied to alloy wheels
  • Tyres cleaned, conditioned and protected
  • Rubbers and exterior plastics treated and protected
  • Water repellent treatment to all exterior windows
  • Interior vacuumed and surfaces wiped down to remove dust
  • Paintwork wiped down and final vehicle inspection carried out

Estimated time: 4 days

Small: £390* (Fiat 500, VW Up)

Medium: £430* (VW Golf, Porsche Boxster)

Large: £470* (BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF)

X-Large: £530* (Range Rover, Audi Q7)

Paintwork Protection upgrades


Gyeon Q2 MOHS topped with Gyeon Q2M CURE or Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax. Gyeon Q2 MOHS and Q2M CURE are the ultimate hydrophobic quartz coating combination offering stunning levels of gloss, protection and up to 18 months durability. Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax combines the best of both worlds, the amazing gloss and slickness of a wax but with the durability of ceramic coating. In tests, washing up liquid, neat degreasers and a pH11 alkaline failed to remove this hybrid coating.

Durability is up to 2 years. £120 - £190*


Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light topped with Gtechniq EXOv3. These two coatings combined offer light swirl resistance and great protection against chemicals, dirt, iron fallout, salts and oils. EXOv3 is a cutting edge top coat offering sensational water repellency, wet looking paintwork, and durability. It can be used on all painted surfaces including clear coat or matt finishes.

Durability is 2-3 years. £190 - £260*


Kamikaze Collection MIYABI COAT topped off with Kamikaze Collection ISM PRO HYDROCARBON COAT. MIYABI COAT is a glass coat layer which offers significant swirl resistance and prevents contaminants from bonding to the treated surface. ISM PRO is a revolutionary, all-new formulation that is only available to Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailers. As an ideal top coat it offers extreme water repelling properties and an outstanding candy gloss shine that is only surpassed by the ENREI coating.

Durability is 2-3 years. £270 - £370*


Kamikaze Collection ENREI COAT is a highly developed state of the art two-stage sealant offering the ultimate in protection and gloss whilst significantly increasing the hydrophobic (water beading) properties of the finish. This in turn removes the risk of any water spotting occurring. It has a thick, layered effect which when cured forms a smooth, extremely hardwearing film. ENREI COAT is only available to professional detailers who have attended the Kamikaze Collection training day ensuring that the application is performed correctly, preserving the performance of this outstanding product.

Durability is 3-5 years. £320 - £420*

Individual Coatings & Extras

KOCH CHEMIE 1K-NANO PAINT PROTECTION: £60 - £130 (12 months durability)







Engine Bay Detail WITH SWISSVAX MOTORSHINE plastic PROTECTION: £40 - £60

Brake Caliper Painting: £40 per corner

Interior clean with leather protection: £80

Fabric Protection: £40

*Please note that all prices shown are for guidance only, as no two commissions are the same. Price dependent on model of car and condition, all prices reflect the amount of hours spent.

Full car paint correction, Suffolk
Our Paint Correction Detail includes 3-5 stages of machine polishing and is designed to safely and permanently remove heavy swirl marks, light to medium scratches, and other noticeable imperfections.
Paint correction detail, Suffolk
The paintwork is thoroughly inspected using an electronic paint depth gauge to assess its condition prior to all machine polishing work carried out.
Paint work swirl mark correction, Essex
After an intense multi-stage machine polish you can see how a bodyshop's orbital sander swirl marks have been removed from this BMW 5 Series.
Paint work swirl mark correction, Essex
This particular photo was taken to show the effectiveness of the paint correction process on a classic Range Rover that we detailed.
Paint corrected BMW M3, Essex
A fully defect free BMW M3 after being treated to this detail. You would not believe that this vehicle is 14 years old!
Paint correction comparison, Cambridge
Here we have the rear door on a Golf R. Quite a transformation here. As you can see from the 50/50 shot, the refining stages restore and increase the gloss and the clarity of the paintwork.
Paint correction detail, Cambridgeshire
Sometimes a newer vehicle will require our Paint Correction Detail. This could be due to it being an ex-demonstrator from a dealership where it would have been subject to numerous washes that have been carried out incorrectly.