Audi R8 LMX XPEL STEALTH Self Healing Paint Protection Film

Tue 27th Sep 2016

Our sister company Shield Your Eyecandy has recently finished installing XPEL STEALTH Self Healing Paint Protection Film to the bonnet and rear spoiler of this stunning Audi R8 LMX.

The owner wanted to have full bonnet protection against stone chips for track day use and the carbon fibre rear spoiler had what appeared to be a birdlime stain which the film would fully disguise.

Built with the same elite self-healing and protective features as XPEL ULTIMATE film, XPEL STEALTH comes in a satin finish that preserves matte paint in its showroom condition. Matte finishes are notoriously difficult maintain and even harder to repair—even something as simple as touching up a rock chip. XPEL STEALTH not only prevents damage from road debris and bug acids, but enables you to easily wash and dry your car without fear of changing the luster of the finish.

Matching the sheen of most factory matte paints, XPEL STEALTH disappears once applied, making it a perfect choice for transitioning between vulnerable areas on the front of the car to unprotected top surfaces. And just like XPEL ULTIMATE, swirl marks and light scratches disappear in a matter of minutes in the sun or the warmth of your garage.

Shield Your Eyecandy
XPEL Factory Trained Paint Protection Film Installer