BMW 330d M Sport New Car Paint Protection completed

Sun 7th Jun 2015

We have just carried out a New Car Paint Protection Detail on this awesome looking BMW 330d M Sport in Estoril Blue. Our durable and glossy ceramic coating was applied to make this one very aesthetically pleasing vehicle detail.

Unfortunately poor dealership preparation had left the vehicle with some fine scratches and swirl marks in the paintwork. It is highly likely that these were caused whilst the vehicle was in transit or during the pre delivery inspection. This is a common issue that we find with new vehicles, a lot of the damage to the paintwork has already been done before it even leaves the dealership.

We are often asked how our new car details differ to those that the dealership can provide? Quite simply, we do everything we possibly can to make sure that every aspect of the detail is carried in the safest possible way, producing stunning results through using some of the worlds best paint protection products. We spend a numerous amount of days on one vehicle where as the dealerships might spend just a few hours.

Worse yet, they will often tempt you into impressive sounding sealant protection packages that claim the almost impossible. In reality, it is the same valeters that hurriedly washed your new vehicle with a sponge that are left to apply these generic sealants, often with less than adequate time nor training.

Once the BMW had been deep cleaned and the paintwork decontaminated through a comprehensive three stage decontamination process we set about removing the swirl marks. This was achieved with some localised machine polishing which completely removed them. After the polishing was complete the vehicle was treated to our specialised paint cleaner. This was to prepare the BMW's paint and provide optimum conditions for producing a strong and durable bond with a ceramic coating. Once appiled the vehicle benefits from a minimum of a two years protection. The coating gives a considerable improvement to gloss levels of the paintwork, offers razor sharp reflections and makes washing the vehicle much easier.

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