BMW M3 New Car Paint Protection detail compelte

Tue 16th Jun 2015

We have just carried out a New Car Paint Protection detail on this stunning BMW M3 in Austin Yellow Metallic. The customer required adequate paintwork protection that would cope with daily use in a variety of weathers as well the occasional track day where vehicles are often exposed to vast amounts of tyre rubber.

After discussion, it was decided that the most suitable protection was the impressive Koch Chemie 1K Nano paint sealant. This guarantees that the paintwork will be protected from chemicals such as tar, rubber, insects and birdlime. It also blocks out UV radiation and limits damage from abrasion. Koch Chemie guarantees that this sealant will last for a minimum of 12 months.

As with all of our New Car Paint Protection details the M3 was deep cleaned and the paintwork decontaminated through a comprehensive three stage decontamination process. Light scratches and swirl marks were then removed through localised machine polishing.

Now complete, the M3 looks amazing! The gloss levels and glass like feel of the paintwork is truly breathtaking!

If you are soon to be collecting a new vehicle, or have just ordered one, get in touch to see how we can fully protect it.

BMW M3 New Car Paint Protection detail