Detail Your Eyecandy is now Kamikaze Collection certified

Sun 19th Feb 2017

Detail Your Eyecandy is very delighted to announce that after attending a training day at Ultimate Finish, Brands Hatch with Kamikaze Collection CEO, Kai Morita we are now one of the very few in the UK and SUFFOLK'S ONLY Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailer.

As a certified detailer we are able to offer the amazing ENREI Coat, a two-step sealant that combines organic and inorganic elements to provide superior protection from chemical and environmental contamination whilst delivering a candy-gloss shine.

As well as ENREI Coat we can also offer the professional-only coating ISM PRO Hydrocarbon Coating. Although is carries the same designation as the enthusiast product (ISM Hydrocarbon Coating), the pro version has been newly developed incorporating cutting edge German technology with the ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbon technology developed in Japan. The result is a coating that repels water almost as well as ENREI whilst delivering an even glossier shine than the original ISM Coat.

These two coatings will form a wider spectrum of new specific KamikazeCollection services which will be added to our website very soon.

Click this link to see how ENREI COAT can protect your paintwork. Half of this car bonnet is protected with the coating and half is not -