Kamikaze Collection applied to new BMW M2

Wed 22nd Nov 2017

Here we present the stunning BMW M2 after being treated to our New Car Paint Protection Detail where we removed some light scratches and dealership wash marring but most importantly sent gloss levels through the roof!

Once the machine polishing was finished the paintwork was protected with Kamikaze Collection ENREI, a certified detailer only coating.

Here is a brief summary of what was included in this particular detail:

✔️Thorough decontamination wash
✔️Tar build up removed
✔️Further decontamination of paintwork and glass with clay bar
✔️Paintwork wiped down and prepped 
✔️Single stage machine polish carried out
✔️Localised machine polishing to remove imperfections
✔️Kamikaze Collection ENREI applied to paintwork
✔️Kamikaze Collection STANCE RIM COAT applied to alloy wheels
✔️Gyeon Tire applied to the tyres
✔️Interior Clean including leather protection

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