Koch Chemie 1K-Nano Winter Protection Detail

Sun 16th Oct 2016

Fully protect your vehicle for winter with our specialist Detail which includes a thorough cleanse, complete decontamination and Koch Chemie 1K-Nano paintwork protection (http://www.1k-nano.de/en/main.html).

We are also offering an optional single stage machine polish to significantly enhance gloss further*

**Small = £120.00 (Fiat 500/VW UP)
**Medium = £150.00 (VW Golf/Porsche Boxster)
**Large = £180.00 (BMW 5 Series/Audi R8
**X-Large = £220.00 (Audi Q7/ Range Rover Sport)

**Add a single stage machine polish to enhance the gloss (additional cost)


*Durability is a minimum of 1 year (Up to 3 years with correct maintenance)
*It is applied by machine polisher where the heat generated improves the bond to the paintwork.
*It forms an extremely smooth, mirror paint seal that is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and abrasion.
*A unique easy to clean performance means that salt, insects, bird droppings and other deposit build-ups can be removed much more easily.
*Special additives also give the paintwork an extremely deep sheen.


*pH neutral snow foam pre-wash applied to vehicle, removing surface grime and dirt prior to wash process
*Multi stage, 2 bucket wash using luxury pH neutral shampoo and lamb's wool wash mitts
*Paintwork decontaminated using a clay bar, fully removing all embedded contaminants such as industrial fallout, brake dust and tar as well as leaving a perfectly smooth feel to the paintwork
*Single stage machine polish to enhance gloss significantly (optional) 
*Koch Chemie 1K-Nano applied to all painted surfaces
*Water repellent treatment to all exterior windows
*Heat resistant PTFE wax applied to alloy wheels
*Exterior plastics protected
*Tyres protected

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