Mini John Cooper Works New Car Paint Protection detail with CarPro Cquartz Ceramic Coating

Thu 20th Aug 2015

Here is the Mini John Cooper Works after being subject to our 'New Car Paint Protection' detail.

Even though it had just been purchased, the Mini was suffering from light swirl marks and light scratches, all of which had been inflicted at the dealership prior to the owner collecting the car. These were removed via a single stage machine polish leaving an absolutely flawless finish that was completely defect free.

The Mini was then fully protected with CarPro CQuartz ceramic coating. This is a nano-active quartz coating that chemically bonds to the vehicle's paintwork to become the new surface layer. It offers unrivalled gloss, UV resistance, and swirl mark resistance. The film it creates stands between the elements and the vehicle’s finish, providing exceptional protection and gloss retention. Once this coating had cured we applied CarPro Reload Spray Sealant to complete the protection.

With the detail now fully complete, you can see why our customers always leave Detail Your Eyecandy full of praise of our work and with total peace of mind that their pride and joy is looking the best it possibly can whilst being fully protected for the future.

If you are soon to be collecting a new vehicle, or have just ordered one, get in touch to see how we can fully protect it for the future.