New Car Paint Protection detail

Wed 8th Jul 2015

Yes, believe it or not this photograph was taken from a brand new vehicle straight from the dealership! The vehicle in question, the Golf GTD was in a poor state after being prepared for the customer to collect. You can view the full selection of photographs in the gallery. 

We often see this and it is a shame that many people's new purchase is at no where near the level it should be.

You would expect your new vehicle to be delivered with a high quality finish and adequate paint protection, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. This is often a result of incorrect storage conditions, transportation damage and poor dealership preparation by volume focused valeters. This then leads to brand new vehicles being delivered to the customers with swirl marks, light scratches and a poor surface finish. These defects are often ignored by the dealership who will view a newly delivered vehicle as perfect. Worse yet, they will often tempt you into impressive sounding lifetime paint protection packages that claim the almost impossible. In reality, it is the same valeters that hurriedly washed your new vehicle with one bucket and a sponge that are left to apply these generic paint sealants, often with less than adequate time nor training and with minimum attention to detail. To make matters worse this lifetime protection rarely lasts anywhere near the duration that is quoted.

Detail Your Eyecandy thinks your new vehicle deserves something much better. Our New Car Paint Protection detail includes complete paintwork decontamination followed by localised machine polishing. Any defects, including light swirl marks and fine scratches incurred during transit and the pre delivery inspection will be removed from the paintwork prior to the protection being applied. This will be in the form of either a premium carnauba wax or a professional grade paint sealant. We also offer superb ceramic paint protection which can be applied at an additional cost.

Let us give your new vehicle the care, attention and protection that it fully deserves.


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