Porsche 964 'Swissvax' Minor Paint Correction Detail

Thu 19th May 2016

Here is the stunning Porsche 964 after being treated to our 'Swissvax' Minor Paint Correction detail.

As with every detail the Porsche was fully washed and completely decontaminated using fallout remover and a clay bar. This removes any embedded contaminants from the surface of the paintwork, alloy wheels and glass. A perfectly smooth finish is left behind allowing any form of protection applied to bond correctly to the lacquer. The swirl marks and lightscratches were then removed using the range of Koch Chemie polishes in combination with the Rupes polishing system. Four stages of polishing were required to obtain the absolute best finish, which as you can see is very glossy and defect free!

Two coats of Swissvax Endurance Wax was then applied to the paintwork. This is a specialist carnauba wax that is only available to Swissvax Authorised Detailers.

Swissvax Endurance is extremely durable. The high carnauba content leaves a phenomenal shine to paintwork whilst at the same time making it highly hydrophobic. It acts to repel dirty water and inhibits contaminants from adhering to the bodywork. This makes the vehicle much easier to clean during the weekly maintenance wash.

The alloy wheels, glass tyres and plastics were then also fully protected.