Porsche Cayenne GTS Minor Paint Correction Detail

Mon 5th Sep 2016

Here we have the Porsche Cayenne GTS in the stunning GTS Red. This has been treated to our Minor Paint Correction detail. The paintwork has been fully protected with Koch Chemie UK Ltd 1K-Nano offering longterm protection, ideal in preparation for the coming winter months.

As with every detail the Cayenne was fully washed and completely decontaminated using fallout remover and a clay bar. This removes any embedded contaminants from the surface of the paintwork, alloy wheels and glass. A perfectly smooth finish is left behind allowing any form of protection applied to bond correctly to the lacquer. The swirl marks and light scratches were then removed using the range of Koch Chemie polishes in combination with the Rupes polishing system. Three stages of polishing were required to obtain the absolute best finish, which as you can see is very glossy and defect free!

Once this was complete the Cayenne's paintwork was fully protected with Koch Chemie 1K-Nano paint sealant. As with all of our details the glass, alloy wheels, tyres and plastics were also fully cleaned, decontaminated and protected.

Benefits of Koch Chemie 1K-Nano are:

*Durability is a minimum of 1 year (Up to 3 years with correct maintenance)
*It is applied by machine polisher where the heat generated improves the bond to the paintwork.
*It forms an extremely smooth, mirror paint seal that is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and abrasion.
*A unique easy to clean performance means that salt, insects, bird droppings and other deposit build-ups can be removed much more easily.
*Special additives also give the paintwork an extremely deep sheen.

The alloy wheels, glass tyres and plastics were then also fully protected.

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