Shield Your Eyecandy

Sun 21st Aug 2016

Soon to be launching in addition to Detail Your Eyecandy is Shield Your Eyecandy. Here we will offer self healing paint protection film from leading manufacturers XPEL and SUNTEK to protect your vehicle. Shield Your Eyecandy is factory trained from both of these manufacters guarenteeing all work carried out is of the highest and correct standards.

Self healing paint protection film is not only there to help protect your vehicles paintwork, but to maximise re-sale value and keep cosmetic maintenance costs down.

All of our film is cut using our Graphtec plotter, insuring precision cutting and alignment leaving a virtually invisable finish. With our custom pre-cut template designs we have the ability to protect any panel exterior or interior. Whether it be a front bumper, bonnet, wings, side skirts, mirrors, lights, roof, or any other vulnerable areas.

Shield Your Eyecandy Paint Protection Film Specialists