Volkswagen Golf GTI Minor Paint Correction detail

Wed 14th Oct 2015

Here is the Golf GTI after being treated to our Minor Paint Correction detail. There were a vast amount of swirl marks and light scratches that needed to be removed. This was achieved with a two stage machine polish. Once this once was complete the paintwork was fully protected with Koch Chemie 1K-Nano Paint Sealant. The benefits of this are:

*It is applied by machine polisher which improves the bond to the paintwork.
*It forms an extremely smooth, mirror paint seal that is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and abrasion.
*A unique easy to clean performance means that salt, insects, bird droppings and other deposit build-ups can be removed much more easily.
*Special additives also give the paintwork an extremely deep sheen.
*The durability is approximately 1 year.

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