We are now a Koch Chemie 1K-Nano Approved Detailer

Fri 23rd Oct 2015

We are very excited to announce that after attending a training course at Reep Automotive we are now a Koch Chemie UK Ltd 1K-Nano Approved Detailer.

1K-Nano is applied by machine polisher and bonds to the paint. It is based on innovative reactive substances which forms an extremely smooth, mirror paint seal that is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and abrasion. Special additives also give the paintwork an extremely deep sheen. A unique easy to clean performance means that insects, bird droppings and other deposit build-ups can be removed much more easily. The durability is approximately 1 year, but this can be extended up to 3 years through regular manual after care.

If you would like this applied to your vehicle's paintwork as part of one of our detailing packages please complete our contact form by clicking the link below to receive a free quotation.


T: 07799 883403
E: enquiries@detailyoureyecandy.co.uk