Auto Detailing (car detailing) Service

Auto detailing, which is often referred to as car detailing, is the process of cleaning, restoring and protecting a vehicle's paintwork of any contaminants. By Doing so not only is the general look enhanced with a healthy gleam and contaminants removed from the paintwork but it will be protected to stand the test of time. We offer both interior and exterior auto detailing, meaning your car can achieve its ultimate potential inside and out.

Auto Detailing Enhancement

By utilising our exclusive accreditations we are able to offer the ultimate auto detailing service. Detail Your Eye Candy have exclusive agreements and accreditations with XPEL UK & FEYNLAB, we are also GTECHNIQ accredited, allowing us exclusive access to the most cutting edge products. First and foremost we are car enthusiasts who believe the quality and passion of our service is what keeps our customers returning, we take the same time and care with every auto detailing service we provide no matter what the vehicle. Whether your vehicle is old, new, big or small we have a service to enhance its appearance, whilst extending it's paintworks lifespan immensely. All of our paint film services come with lengthy 10 year guarantees, that's how confident we are in the service we provide. We undergo a lengthy process which involves the thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of your vehicles paintwork, producing a gleaming unbeatable cleanliness and polish to the paintwork.

What is auto detailing?

Auto detailing is a purely cosmetic service to a vehicles paintwork. It's the process of cleansing, cleaning and restoring a vehicle to a perfected condition. To ensure the best result the detailing should always be carried out by hand by a professional. The service mainly consists of a specialist process known as paint correction. This process is carried out using a combination of dual action machine polishing, professional polishes and polishing pads, along with a paint depth gauge. Time to carry out the process from start to finish can range anywhere 6-48 hours. The paintwork of your vehicle can become damaged for multiple reasons including; poor washing techniques and, over time, through weathering.

We have the experience and capabilities to repair this damage and create a spectacular finish, which leaves your vehicle looking better than new, and fully protected.

We are able to cater for varying budgets and work with both new and older vehicles. Take a look at our PPF (pain protection film) page to see more about the process, products we use and how we achieve amazing results.

We ensure your vehicle is treated with care throughout the whole process.

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