Detail Your Eyecandy's enclosed car transportation service is the perfect option for moving classic cars, protecting them from the elements whilst in transit. We fully understand the value of your classic car in monetary and sentimental terms and will work with you to ensure its safe transportation, no matter where its destination. Your car will be carefully loaded and unloaded into our transporter using the electrically operated winch, this is particularly useful if the car cannot be driven. We will keep in touch during the journey and will provide photos of the car at its destination offering peace of mind and the added security that your investment has been meticulously cared for. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you with your classic car transportation needs. Please take a moment and let us show you why we are the right choice for you. Do not hesitate to request a free quote or call us with any questions that you may have.

safe transport
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Key features of our Race Transporter

  • Electrical hydraulic tilt-bed and full width loading ramps for loading the longest, widest and lowest of vehicles.
  • Triple axle running gear for a low centre of gravity and great stability whilst transporting.
  • Electrical winch for safe loading and unloading of non-running vehicles.
  • Side access doors and hatches for easy entry, allowing for safe and secure strapping down of your vehicle.
  • Internal LED lights for safe movement and loading.
  • Rear facing camera for a clear view of the vehicle whilst transporting.