Detail Your Eyecandy now offers a safe and secure car transporting service with our brand new Brian James Race Transporter 6.

We are frequently asked to move cars to and from shows and other various events, therefore we know the effort that goes into preparing your vehicle in order for it to look its best. We always ensure we are clean before entering a vehicle and we ensure to wear gloves when loading on and off to minimize the risk of any finger prints being left on the cars paintwork. We take the utmost care and attention when loading a vehicle, as with all we transport, onto our enclosed transporter to ensure they arrive gleaming and ready to be shown, just as they were when we arrived to pick them up.

The state of the art enclosed trailer is specifically designed to transport all types of cars in a discreet manner protecting them from any dangers including: The weather, stones, road debris, road contaminants, break-ins, overhanging branches and bird droppings.


Covered Trailer
Covered Trailer Transport
Covered Trailer
Safe Covered Trailer


Safe Car Transporting

Our car transporting service is often utilised for collecting vehicles purchased from across country or for safe transporting to and from race days.

Whether your vehicle is new, classic, prestige, performance or any other type of car, we can help, contact us for further information.