We now offer a safe and secure covered trailer vehicle transportation service with our new Brian James Race Transporter 6.

The state of the art covered trailer is specifically designed to transport all types of cars in a discreet manner protecting them from the weather, stones, road debris, road contaminants, overhanging branches and bird droppings.

Many people are surprised to learn that using a covered trailer to transport your vehicle is actually the cost-effective choice when moving a vehicle long distance. Save on fuel, time and stress whilst removing any risks of damage and adding mileage to your vehicle.

Covered Trailer
Covered Trailer Transport
Covered Trailer
Safe Covered Trailer

Our covered trailer, moves anything from standard and concept vehicles for events such as product launches, show tours, prototypes, major motor shows, county shows, presentations of new designs and functions. We can also provide our detailing services to support the vehicle at any show if required.

Whether your vehicle is a new purchase, classic, prestige, performance or any other type, we can help, contact us for further information and a free quotation.