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Detail Your Eyecandy offers the highest quality of corrective polishing, new car preparation and paintwork protection treatments with the sole priority of perfecting the appearance of your vehicle.

We fully recognise the importance of maintaining and show casing your vehicle to the best it can be at all times. Whether that may be an exotic supercar, a cherished sports car, a prestige marque or your treasured daily driver, it will still receive the same amount of time and dedication as well as being subject to all of the same meticulous processes. Our pursuit for excellence and attention to detail ensures first class results with every commission undertaken.


What is Car Detailing?

car detailing

Car Detailing predominantly consists of a specialist technique known as paint correction. This process is carried out using a dual action machine polisher, an extensive range of professional polishes and polishing pads, and a paint depth gauge (to measure the thickness of the paintwork prior to polishing). It can take anywhere between 6-48 hours to complete. The paintwork of your vehicle can become damaged from poor washing techniques and, over time, through weathering. Swirl marks, light scratches, holograms, and embedded contaminants such as hard rain, insect splatter, and bird stains can all contribute to surface damage and leave the paintwork looking dull and jaded.

At Detail Your Eyecandy we can repair this damage to create a spectacular finish, which leaves your vehicle looking better than new, and fully protected.

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