At Detail Your Eyecandy, we are often asked to move cars to and from automotive shows and so we know, and understand, the effort that goes into preparing your vehicle in order for it to look its best. We always wear gloves when loading on and off to avoid any finger prints being left on the cars paintwork or wrap finish and we always ensure that we are clean and tidy before going inside any vehicle. The utmost care and attention is taken when loading these cars, as with all cars we transport, onto our enclosed car transporter to ensure they arrive gleaming and ready to be shown, just as they were when we arrived to pick them up.

Enclosed Car Transport

We proudly offer fully enclosed single car transport to any location in the UK or Europe. Our purpose built covered car trailer is able to accommodate many different types of vehicle, from supercars and race cars to large 4x4s and long-wheelbase vehicles. Our custom built car transporting vehicle is used exclusively for vehicle transportation. Equipped with a heavy-duty, low-loading ramp, and rated with a 10 tonne payload, we are able to offer a vehicle moving service for even the heaviest of luxury cars, including the Rolls Royce Phantom, as well as low competition cars or other vehicles that would struggle with a regular ramp setup.

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