FEYNLAB HEAL PLUS is the flagship product of the brand and is a state of art self healing nano coating offering full self healing . FEYNLAB HEAL PLUS will heal itself instantly if heated above 60 degrees celsius, removing all fine scratches, swirl marks and wash marring. At room temperature these imperfections will heal over a number of days. It is also worth noting that use of a hairdryer, warm water or parking your vehicle in the sun will accelerate the healing process.

The FEYNLAB HEAL PLUS is ultra glossy, and improves the depth of shine dramatically. It is by far the thickest coating currently offered on the market, measuring up to 15 microns. The mechanism behind the healing effect involves using nano scale magnets on the end of the ceramic chains, that when heated vibrate at very high frequency causing the ultimate self levelling effect to occur. It does not turn into a liquid when it heals, but rather a type of superfluid (solid with fluidic properties). Please get in touch to find out more.