Gtechniq Accredited


The Gtechniq range offers some of the world's finest protective coatings for vehicle surfaces including paintwork, glass, interior surfaces and alloy wheels. Their comprehensive range of products are scientifically tested and proven to provide long lasting protection. As Gtechniq accredited providers we offer lengthy warranty periods for any products applied to your vehicle depending upon the product used. Their flagship coating, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra when applied comes with a 9 year manufacturers guarantee and Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light with a 5 year guarantee.

Gtechniq Accredited Specialists

We are proud to be able to state that we are East Anglia's Gtechniq Accredited detailer! This means that we are able to offer an exclusive service to your vehicle utilising the most cutting-edge Gtechniq products, including Gtechniq ceramic coating.

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