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We can take your brand new car fresh out of the showroom and enhance and protect it for years to come using PPF (paint protection film). PPF adds a clear protective layer over your vehicle enhancing the appearance and adding protection against light scratches, stone chips, water marks and more. We have been in operation for many years, and are proud to be able to state that we are GTECHHNIQS authorised installer for Essex.

What we do - Our New Car Enhancement and Protection Detail has been specifically designed to ensure that your new purchase begins its life in the best possible way and is fully protected for the future. It consists of decontamination to all exterior surfaces followed by a single stage machine polish enhancing the gloss of the paintwork. If required, further localised machine polishing is carried out. Any defects, including light swirl marks and fine scratches incurred during transit and the pre delivery inspection will be removed from the paintwork. Swissvax Shield Wax is included as the standard paintwork protection with this detail, however you may wish to upgrade to a more durable form of protection such as a Gtechniq or Gyeon ceramic coating.

New Car Detailing - Is it worth it?

When purchasing a new showroom car you would expect the vehicle to be pristinely presented with flawless paintwork from the moment it's collected, however this is sadly not the case. Storage conditions, exposure to contaminants, lengthy storage periods are just a few reasons why your new vehicles paintwork may not be completely flawless. We are here to help! We are able to utilise the most cutting edge technologies to enhance the appearance of a brand new cars paintwork and not only that protect it for years to come.

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