PPF is the abreviation of Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF is a clear coating of polyurethane installed to your vehicle's paintwork protecting it against stone chips for years to come. The preparation process is broken down into 3 stages, the cleansing of the current paintwork and removal of any contaminants, the perfecting of paintwork followed by the application fo the paint protection film.

What is ppf?

The application of a protective film virtually eliminates the risk of stone chips, scratches and paint damage to your car.

All of our PPF work comes with a 10-year guarantee to ensure your peace of mind.

PPF Specialists

We provide you with the best service possible, using only the best tried and trusted products. We use Xpel UK PPF they are a long established and highly regarded brand who have been in the business for years, it's hard to argue with the breathtaking results. Many think they can just buy some PPF products and apply them themselves, but this is not the case with great potential of applying an ineffective coating which can be tough to remove. We are fully trained by XPEL on how to apply their products to vehicles using the correct process, because of this we are their East Anglia's authorised detailer.

Every single one of our employees are fully trained specialists who will take the time to treat any vehicle the same as the next, giving it the best treatment possible.

Not many know that paint protection film can be applied to both old and new vehicles.

If you're interested in giving your vehicle the ultimate enhancement  contact us to book a PPF appointment today.

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