At Detail Your Eyecandy, we proudly offer fully enclosed vehicle transport to any location in the UK or Europe. Our purpose built covered vehicle trailer is able to accommodate many different types of vehicle, from supercars and race cars to large 4x4s and long-wheelbase vehicles. Our custom built car transporting trailer is used exclusively for vehicle transportation. Equipped with a heavy-duty, low-loading ramp, and rated with a 10 tonne payload, we are able to offer a vehicle moving service for even the heaviest of luxury cars, including the Rolls Royce Phantom, as well as low competition cars or other vehicles that would struggle with a regular ramp setup.

Going across the country?

As fun as a cross country drive can be when traveling such long distances it's not always the most efficient way of shipping your vehicle. 

Protected and Safe

When driving such long distances you and your vehicle are both vulnerable to a number of threats and issues. From stone chips, to accidents and breakdowns and more, our transporter eliminates the potential of any of these things occurring. 

Which is the cost effective option?

When deciding whether to have your vehicle transported or to drive it yourself you might be surprised to find out that it's actually cheaper to ship the vehicle. When you consider the costs in fuel, food, time, wear and tear and accomodation. A quotation from us is free, contact us and you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Save on Time

Whether you enjoy a long drive or not moving your vehicle across country isn't a quick thing to do, if you do not have the time or energy a transporter could be your ideal solution.


You can rely on us, we thoroughly inspect vehicles we transport before and after they pass through our hands. All vehicles transported us are fully insured, tracked and kept safely locked away.

A multitude of uses

Our covered vehicle transport, moves standard and concept vehicles for events such as product launches, major motor shows, show tours, prototypes, county shows, presentations of new designs and private functions. We can also provide our detailing services to support the vehicle at any show. If anything you could say the transporter is a diverse go-to choice for moving a vehicle.

Whether you're collecting a new car from across the country, attending a track day or struggling to get your vehicle to us for some detailing services, contact us.