Our New Car Enhancement and Protection Detail has been specifically designed to ensure that your new purchase begins its life in the best possible way and is fully protected for the future.


We will safely cleanse and prepare the vehicle in the way that it deserves before applying quality products to all exterior surfaces. These provide great protection, easy maintenance and amazing levels of gloss.

You would expect your new vehicle to be delivered with a high quality finish and adequate paint protection, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. This is often a result of incorrect storage conditions, transportation damage and poor dealership preparation by volume focused valeters. This then leads to brand new vehicles being delivered to the customers with swirl marks, light scratches and a poor surface finish. These defects are often ignored by the dealership who will view a newly delivered vehicle as perfect. Worse yet, they will often tempt you into impressive sounding lifetime paint protection packages that claim the almost impossible. In reality, it is the same valeters that hurriedly washed your new vehicle with one bucket and a sponge that are left to apply these generic paint sealants, often with less than adequate time nor training and with minimum attention to detail. To make matters worse this lifetime protection rarely lasts anywhere near the duration that is quoted.

Detail Your Eyecandy thinks your new vehicle deserves something much better. Our New Car Enhancement and Protection Detail includes complete paintwork decontamination followed by a single stage machine polish to enhance gloss levels significantly. Then if required, further localised machine polishing is carried out. Any defects, including light swirl marks and fine scratches incurred during transit and the pre delivery inspection will be removed from the paintwork prior to the protection being applied.

Swissvax Shield Wax is included as the standard paintwork protection with this detail, however for the best form of protection you may wish to upgrade to Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra or Gyeon DuraFlex. These are professional grade ceramic coatings only available to accredited and certified detailers. The type of protection applied to the paintwork will be discussed with you prior to the work commencing, ensuring that the product selected best suits your requirements.

Step 1

Specialist Preparation Procedures


Step 2

New Car Enhancement & Protection Detail Procedures

ESTIMATED TIME:2-4 days - Prices from £300

(Fiat 500, VW Up)
New Car Paint Protection
(Audi A3, Porsche Cayman)
New Car Paint Protection
(BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF)
New Car Paint Protection
(Volvo XC90, Audi Q7)
New Car Paint Protection



*A deposit of £95.00 is required at the time of booking. This will be deducted from the final bill.